Tastes of Brasil, Hot Dog that you MUST try

Cachorro Quente PaulistaNow that all eyes are on Brazil, I think it would be fun to write some posts about “must haves” while visiting.  Post 1 is about the Brazilian Hot Dog, or “Cachorro Quente”.  You’ve never eaten a hot dog quite like it.  One dog can fill you up for the whole day!  I think the best dog is the “Cachorro Quente Paulista”, which has some extra special toppings not seen elsewhere.

First, you start with a HUGE bun, then add the dog, then, you add corn. Add a little bit of vinagrette.  You may add peas, if you like, or maybe even an egg.  Chopped up bacon is next.  Then, and this is the Paulista version, add mashed potatoes!  If you are lucky enough to have access to catupiry, then smother that on liberally.  Ketchup and Mustard (maybe even mayonnaise), then top it off with shoestring potatoes (batata palhas).

What you have is one of my favorite meals that doesn’t include rice or beans!