About ten years ago I started using Internet radio, yahoo was my first. I loved it, but I wanted more. Pandora came out, and it was a no name project with the intent to categories your music tastes. That was pretty awesome, too. Unfortunately, you needed a computer to play music.

My father bought me a creative zen, so I wanted to use its massive storage space, I found rhapsody, a service owned by real networks that allowed me to sync my music to my zen via Windows media player. This was heaven!

Fast forward a couple of years and Apple releases the iPhone. Seems like an awesome device, but I was still hooked on my treo and had no intention of switching.

The iPhone proved to be a game changer, and rhapsody answered the call. They released the first music streaming service on the iPhone, and I jumped ship. The initial app wasn’t all that great, you couldn’t download the music, so you had to stream it. Edge was the fastest I could get, so it was touchy. Shortly thereafter, they allowed downloads.

Over the ensuing years, multiple streaming services have come to play and what was once a fringe service is now mainstream.

Services I’ve paid for:

Google play

Services I’ve tried:

Amazon Music

My current service:


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