I was putting my 3 year-old to bed tonight and I noticed that he was soaked.  You see, he had run out to play in the sprinklers after getting ready for bed.  Now, my first instinct is frustration; he knows that he shouldn’t be running around after he is ready for bed.  My second thought was, “wow, what fun he must have just had”.  The third thought was, “wow, I left the sprinklers on”.

You see, I accidentally cut the timer wire to the sprinklers a while back when planting bushes.  I’ve yet to find the break, so for two zones of sprinklers I’m manually turning them on at the manifold.  This evening I turned them on and thought, “I should set an alarm to remind me to turn these off”.  I failed to heed my warning, and, two hours later the lawn is very wet.  Big thanks to my son who played in the sprinklers and prevented them from running all night and into the next day tomorrow!

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