Rabies Vaccine–Lessons Learned from My Son’s Exposure

IMG_2807-1So, my oldest son decided that it might be fun to play with a bat (you know, not the baseball type).  Unfortunately, with an unreliable historian, it is difficult to tell if he was bitten by the bat.  Also, which makes it challenging, is that bat bites can be microscopic.

So, my wife panicked and requested that I get him the rabies immunoglobulin and vaccine.  I’m not debating the necessity of this.  Likely overkill, but the vaccine + immunoglobulin is 100% effective at preventing infection while infection is effectively 100% fatal.  So, my wife wanted the shots.

Just a discussion about the vaccine here.  First, the vaccine must be administered in an Emergency Department.  WHY WHY WHY!  Anyway, enough of side commentary.  Despite my phone calls to multiple pharmacies, the ED is the only place I could get the vaccine.  So, my son ended up in the ED for a procedure (injection) that my MA performs everyday in my office.

Rabies vaccine is given on day 0, 3, 7, 14, and 28.  So, you should probably find the “quietest” time at the ED to go for a visit.  Obviously you can’t decide the day to go, since you can’t decide the day you are exposed :)  Weekends are busy–get used to it.  But, you might find that 10 PM can be a quiet time in the ER. Since the physician has already evaluated the condition and no new evaluation needs to be had, you can go to the ER for a “nurse visit” and not incur a physician charge.  This should save you some money.

Also, you might consider anti-nausea medications.  My son vomited both nights that he received the vaccine.  I wised up and got him some anti-nausea medication for the other days without emesis.  So, that is a must have.

Now, if I only knew how to keep curious boys from playing with bats…

Music Subscription

About ten years ago I started using Internet radio, yahoo was my first. I loved it, but I wanted more. Pandora came out, and it was a no name project with the intent to categories your music tastes. That was pretty awesome, too. Unfortunately, you needed a computer to play music.

My father bought me a creative zen, so I wanted to use its massive storage space, I found rhapsody, a service owned by real networks that allowed me to sync my music to my zen via Windows media player. This was heaven!

Fast forward a couple of years and Apple releases the iPhone. Seems like an awesome device, but I was still hooked on my treo and had no intention of switching.

The iPhone proved to be a game changer, and rhapsody answered the call. They released the first music streaming service on the iPhone, and I jumped ship. The initial app wasn’t all that great, you couldn’t download the music, so you had to stream it. Edge was the fastest I could get, so it was touchy. Shortly thereafter, they allowed downloads.

Over the ensuing years, multiple streaming services have come to play and what was once a fringe service is now mainstream.

Services I’ve paid for:

Google play

Services I’ve tried:

Amazon Music

My current service:


Tastes of Brasil, Hot Dog that you MUST try

Cachorro Quente PaulistaNow that all eyes are on Brazil, I think it would be fun to write some posts about “must haves” while visiting.  Post 1 is about the Brazilian Hot Dog, or “Cachorro Quente”.  You’ve never eaten a hot dog quite like it.  One dog can fill you up for the whole day!  I think the best dog is the “Cachorro Quente Paulista”, which has some extra special toppings not seen elsewhere.

First, you start with a HUGE bun, then add the dog, then, you add corn. Add a little bit of vinagrette.  You may add peas, if you like, or maybe even an egg.  Chopped up bacon is next.  Then, and this is the Paulista version, add mashed potatoes!  If you are lucky enough to have access to catupiry, then smother that on liberally.  Ketchup and Mustard (maybe even mayonnaise), then top it off with shoestring potatoes (batata palhas).

What you have is one of my favorite meals that doesn’t include rice or beans!

Kids and Sprinklers

I was putting my 3 year-old to bed tonight and I noticed that he was soaked.  You see, he had run out to play in the sprinklers after getting ready for bed.  Now, my first instinct is frustration; he knows that he shouldn’t be running around after he is ready for bed.  My second thought was, “wow, what fun he must have just had”.  The third thought was, “wow, I left the sprinklers on”.

You see, I accidentally cut the timer wire to the sprinklers a while back when planting bushes.  I’ve yet to find the break, so for two zones of sprinklers I’m manually turning them on at the manifold.  This evening I turned them on and thought, “I should set an alarm to remind me to turn these off”.  I failed to heed my warning, and, two hours later the lawn is very wet.  Big thanks to my son who played in the sprinklers and prevented them from running all night and into the next day tomorrow!

Drupal to WordPress

I’ve always wanted to stick with a cms that was chock full of features, so I used Drupal. However, I’m no longer able to manage the domain like I used to, so I need something that allows automatic updates to the core, thus the change to WordPress.

I hope to use this to help others learn about house call medicine in Cedar City, Utah.